Sometimes an artist’s inspiration can come from miles — and centuries — away. The Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit “Manet/Velázquez: The French Taste for Spanish Painting” shows how some great painters looked for ideas from artists who lived 100 years before them. Art historians and educators Charlotte Eyerman and Rika Burnham peel back the canvas.  [Produced for PRI‘s “Studio 360“.]

Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velázquez, "The Jester Pablo de Valladolid" (ca. 1632-35). Edouard Manet, "The Tragic Actor (Rouviere as Hamlet)" (1865-66).

L: Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez, “The Jester Pablo de Valladolid” (ca.1632-35).
R: Édouard Manet, “The Tragic Actor (Rouvière as Hamlet)” (1865-66).

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